The Big Idea–Collection, Connection, Coordination

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In order to be happy and flourish in life we need information (collected), we need others (connection), and we need graceful interactions (coordination).


We need to keep track of our medical conditions, our personal preferences about how we want to be cared for, our test results, our medical history, our genetic information, our goals and our progress toward them.


No one gets much done alone and working together is a big part of wellbeing. So we need tools that connect us with others to support our health and wellbeing and their health and wellbeing in a way that shares our information and protects our interests at the same time. We need to connect with friends and family, with healthcare professionals, with medical laboratories, with pharmacists,  with knowledge sources, and with our own home monitoring devices.


We need reminders? Reminders of who needs to do what when? Who has or has not done their part today. Who needs to help in what circumstance? We need (and have) a smart, aware calendar that watches our for us and reminds the right person at the right time how they can help improve the health and wellbeing of each Shared Care Plan user. This smart calendar works for family and friends, for hospitals and for doctor’s offices. It reminds us on our phones and by e-mail. It simply works the way we want it to.


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