Getting Started

About the Shared Care Plan
The Shared Care Plan is a free, easy-to-use, Shared Care Plan record that lets you collect, organize and store vital health information. You can connect and  share this information with your family, physicians and others you feel should have access to this information. The Shared Care Plan is also much more — it is a self-management care plan, improving your understanding of your own health. It can help you manage chronic conditions, coordinate your own health and the care of others, and improve your health. Whether you are living with a chronic condition or are a healthy athlete, the Shared Care Plan can benefit you.

If you have a friend who already has a Shared Care Plan, ask them to walk through this precess with you. It is meant to be a SHARED care plan. Connect.   Go to

Listen to Bonnie Parton describe her family’s experience with the Shared Care Plan.

What to know about the Shared Care Plan before starting.

Coordinating Your Health Care
Your Care Team is the group of people and organizations that you feel play an important role in your health care, such as medical providers, pharmacies, family members, or social workers. You identify this Care Team in your Shared Care Plan, making it easier to share your preferences and health care information with those involved in your care. Printing out the Shared Care Plan and bringing it to your appointment can improve your conversations with your doctors. Additionally, if you are a family member coordinating care for a loved one, the Shared Care Plan can offer you help with tracking, understanding and communicating health care issues.
Many Ways To Use Your Plan
The Shared Care Plan includes many other features including the ability to: • Track appointment times and questions for your health care professionals • Use the personal planning tools to track health issues, set goals and plan your next steps to achieve those goals • Access detailed information about your health in HealthWise, an extensive health information knowledgebase written for patients • Store your Advance Directives right in your Shared Care Plan so they will be available any time, anywhere • Access and download your health care data from participating providers’ systems • Securely invite family members and other caregivers to access your information

Collect and Organize

The Shared Care Plan is a place for you to organize and store all of your health information in one place. Some of the information you can track in the Shared Care Plan includes:
Medications both past and present
Allergies, reactions, and drug-interactions
Diagnoses and immunizations
Hospitalizations, surgeries, and procedures
• Health indicators such as blood pressure,
cholesterol, and blood sugars
In An Emergency
The Shared Care Plan is a place to record the key health information that medical personnel need in an emergency. In particular–emergency contacts, allergies, medications, diagnoses, end of life preferences and instructions.  You can print out a wallet size summary that is the size of a credit card so it is easy to carry with you wherever you go, which is especially useful when traveling. This means that even if you are unable to communicate, your critical health information can still be available to health care professionals. Letting your loved ones know you carry this vital information with you can also help ease communication in case of an emergency.